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Helium FAQ
Answers to your helium questions.

  Why is there a helium shortage?
The cause of the recent shortages and interruptions in supply is based on a couple of factors:
  • A) the slowdown of the global economy has diminished the demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG). Helium is a by-product of LNG and so less demand for LNG means less production of helium.
  • B) Maintenance and shutdowns of helium plants have created temporary shortages.
  How long will the shortage last and when will prices decrease?
  • Helium availability and prices will vary in different areas, so it’s difficult to select a certain date when this shortage will end and when prices will decrease. We do know that new plants are coming online in the next 6 to 24 months that should significantly improve the situation. For up-to-date Helium News, visit our Helium News page here.
  What can I do to conserve helium?
There are a number of ways to conserve helium. You can:
  Where can I find a helium supplier?
    We recommend contacting American Gas Products. They may be
    able to assist you with your helium needs. Please contact Brad Hermetet
    at bradh@agpgas.com or by phone at 603-275-0475.
  What are XtraLife balloons?
    XtraLife balloons are specially-made Anagram foil balloons that stay inflated 3-5 times longer than average foil balloons.
  What are SupraFoil balloons?
    SupraFoil balloons are specially-made Pioneer foil balloons made with Nanofilm, a new superior film. They float up to 60 days without refilling! Because SupraFoil balloons retain helium better, you'll spend less time and money freshening them. They also weigh less, so they'll float in higher altitudes.
  What is Hi-Float?
    HI-FLOAT™ makes helium-filled latex balloons float longer! HI-FLOAT™ is an aqueous solution containing a special water soluble plastic. It dries inside the latex balloon to form a barrier coating which helps hold in helium. This coating greatly increases the floating life of the balloon. Learn more about HI-FLOAT™.
  What is a 60/40 regulator?
    A 60/40 inflator inflates latex balloons using 60% helium and 40% air, which reduces helium usage and costs. View our 60/40 inflators.
  What air-filled products can I sell?
    You can sell a wide assortment of air-filled products; from pre-inflated kits to air-filled décor, the possibilities are endless with air-filled products. To create pre-inflated kits, you’ll need uninflated mini foils, a heat sealer, and cups and sticks. Click here for more info.